Vision Map: Conquering The Impossible

2016-01-17 Scott Grizzle

Vision Map: Charting a Course

2016-01-10 Scott Grizzle

Vision Map: Finding Clarity

2016-01-03 Scott Grizzle

The Hard Road!

2015-12-27 James Bray

Christ in Christmas: The Gift of God

2015-12-20 Scott Grizzle

Christ in Christmas: The Glory of God

2015-12-13 Scott Grizzle

Christ in Christmas: The Promise of God

2015-12-06 Scott Grizzle

Harvest: The Harvest

2015-11-29 Danny Baker

Harvest: Reaping the Harvest

2015-11-22 Scott Grizzle

Harvest: Sowing Good Seed

2015-11-15 Scott Grizzle

Harvest: In Due Season

2015-11-08 Scott Grizzle

Harvest: The Time is Now

2015-11-01 Scott Grizzle

Start Over: Creating a Winning Marriage

2015-10-25 Scott Grizzle

Start Over: A Winning Parent

2015-10-18 Scott Grizzle

Start Over: Identity In Christ

2015-10-11 James Bray

Start Over: Relationships

2015-10-04 Scott Grizzle

Start Over: Grace To Begin

2015-09-27 Scott Grizzle

Tabernacle Prayer

2015-09-20 Tom McDaniels

Hearing God's Voice

2015-09-13 Scott Grizzle

The Prayer of Faith

2015-09-06 Scott Grizzle

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