LifeBridge Tyler Growth Track is a catalyst to help you become a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ and reach your fullest potential. The Track offers the tools necessary to make this happen in your life. From the initial decision to accept Jesus as your Lord to your final destination in life-changing ministry, we will lead you step-by-step from healing to growth and into a fulfilling leadership role. For a listing of these events by date and location, check out the 'what's next' page.


Note: Stay tuned to weekly announcements for the class dates! In the meantime, please join us for our Vision Partner's Reception on the first Sunday of the month immediately following service. 

1e059724bf019e08d05568e0d0882fd21This class is a basic introduction to the ministry of LifeBridge Tyler and will help you understand church membership. Pastor Scott will share the vision, mission, values and heart behind LifeBridge as well as the inner workings of church government. This class takes place the first Sunday of the month.

412dc55becf27db0f1d38efc98e57267This class guides you through the essential beliefs every Christian needs to find success in their walk with Christ. Whether you are a new believer or a seasoned Christian this class will give insight and techniques that will help you grow spiritually. This class takes place on the second Sunday of every month.

a6baa2cfa460bc509a7d91217f2a7ecfWe want to help you realize what makes you so unique. This seminar will help you discover your personality, gifts, and purpose in life and see how God combines them for the best fit in ministry. When you understand how you are uniquely designed, you will have a better idea of where to start in finding your fit and discovering your ultimate purpose in life! This class takes place on the third Sunday of every month.

67ad05d1c64a1932a711fff81fa53674Attend an orientation or training session in the ministry area of your choice to learn more about how to be involved. Dream Team is all about helping you take the next step in your journey of discovering your greatest passions and purpose in life. This class takes place on the fourth Sunday of every month. The Growth Track is complete when you join or start a ministry team.


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