LifeBridge Youth

We are passionate about developing the next generation! Our vision for the youth of LifeBridge is…

To see every young person grow and develop into their fullest potential in four key areas:

  • Healthy relationships - Connecting with others and shaping healthy relationships through small groups.
  • Spiritual maturity - Growing into spiritual maturity through sound bible teaching that is relevant to this stage of life.
  • Gifts and passions - Discovering how God has uniquely made each person in a way that equips you to find and pursue your purpose in life.
  • Servant hood - Developing a heart to serve others through the Dream Team.

Our vision is to develop a youth ministry that is refreshing, relational and relevant. Refreshing means that we create environments that are fun and enjoyable where the presence of God is known. Relational means that our youth connect with others and develop healthy friendships. Relevant means that worship is inspiring and the teaching brings biblical principles that apply to the unique issues our youth face every day.

We dream of a youth ministry that creates a family atmosphere where everyone is accepted and no one is left out. We dream of a youth ministry that not only enjoys creative and dynamic services, but can also look forward to…

  • Weekend retreats
  • Talent shows
  • Youth and Parent Christmas parties and gatherings
  • Boys and girls only events
  • Mission trips
  • Summer camps
  • Back to school bash
  • Outreaches in the community
  • Personal discipleship from caring leaders
  • …and so much more!

Our priority is to identify a leader as soon as possible that is passionate about our youth and capable of leading them into a growing relationship with Jesus in a safe and fun environment!

Stay tuned for more to come regarding this exciting ministry and vision for the youth of our city!

For more information about our Youth ministry please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 903-871-5120.

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